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About Edward, shows the differences of Traditional Small Business Startups & Affiliate Marketing Small Business Startups. I bought a Traditional Small Business that was in bankruptcy in 1988 and sold it in 2005. It had all the complications that a traditional small business would encounter.

Traditional Small Business Startup

  • Cash, Credit, Money and/or Loans.
  • Inventory (Money sitting on the shelf).
  • Accounts Receivables (Money owed to you by Customers).
  • Accounts Payable (Money You owe Vendors for Products/Services).
  • Collections ( Customers invoices that are past due their allotted time).
  • Rental space for operations (particularly if you have employee’s}.
  • State & Federal Tax payments.
  • Insurance (building, inventory goods & liability).
  • Utilities (Heating, Air Conditioning. Water, Sewer, Maintenance & others).
  • Local requirements Registrations, Permits etc..
  • Telephones, Computer, Printer, Software for above transactions, Office Products & Supplies.
  • These are the majority but there are others to be effective to your audience.

My Own Traditional Small Business.

I had my own Small Business as a one person organization giving me hands on experience. It was a distribution business for machine repair parts. My duties were sales, advertising, shipping, receiving, 3400 inventory items & bookkeeping. Also invoicing, purchasing, bill paying, janitorial, collections and making my own coffee. Paid off $200,000 of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans in the process.

Worked Monday through Friday and occasionally products were picked up on Saturday & Sunday by customers. Did drop ships when I did not have a product in stock. Received products in the morning & shipped in the late afternoon via UPS & FEDEX. Made many after hour trips to those shippers when customers needed those overnight deliveries. Most customers were in New England and a number across the USA & Puerto Rico.

It took me 5-1/2 years to take my business from the Red into the Black. The 13th year was my most successful year, subsequently it started on a decline of sales because of the Free Trade Agreements. I got an offer to sell it in 2005 for effectively liquidation monies. It was something that I dedicated my life to and sad to see it go.

However, when you run into a stone wall with a traditional small business it is very difficult to change directions unless you are extremely handy with money. With Affiliate Marketing, you can chose a different Niche and continue on if your existing Niche is affected by the changing economic conditions. You remain Flexible such that you can address what ever the conditions you are confronted with.

It is unaffordable for most individuals when your traditional business is blindsided. Also, in the changing business climate of today it would be very difficult to survive without a lot of money or financial resources.

I have worked for small businesses for most of my adult life. My passion was for them and have always felt comfortable working with them. Mainly because you knew all the employee’s and it was like family.

Photo by Matthew
Smith on Unsplash

There are Not many opportunities for individuals to get their own Small Business Startup without spending an “Arm & A Leg”. Affiliate Marketing is one of those businesses that Many People Can afford. As the picture says, “YOU DON’T EVER KNOW” and you can try it FREE for 7 days without a Credit Card!


I have experienced the Traditional Small Business Startup & now am experiencing the Affiliate Marketing Affordable Small Business Startup & comparing them is mind boggling. The following list of duties/obligations below is from the Affiliate Marketing perspective.

  • LITTLE Cash.
  • NONE Inventory (Money sitting on the shelf).
  • NONE Accounts Receivables (Money owed to you by Customers).
  • NONE Accounts Payable (Money You owe Vendors for Products).
  • NONE Collections ( Customers invoices that are past due their allotted time).
  • NONE Rental space for operations (particularly if you have employee’s}.
  • NONE State & Federal Tax payments (for Inventory, Payroll, Medical Insurance)
  • SAME AS WORKING FROM HOME Insurance (for building).
  • SAME AS WORKING FROM HOME Utilities (Heating, Air Conditioning. Water, Sewer, Maintenance & others).
  • ??? Local requirements Registrations, Permits etc..
  • SAME Telephones, Computer, Printer, Office Products & Supplies, (NO special software for above app’s).
  • These are the majority but there are others to be effective to your audience.

Compare this list to the list at the beginning is quite eye opening. The Affiliate Marketing requirements, of responsibilities & MONIES are far less for you! Affiliate Marketing is the lowest investment required by you to start your Small Business. When using the Affiliate Marketing company that provides all training (live & video’s), support, webinars included with their cost, it is a Great Way To Start!

The Step by Step Training provides you with the knowledge and understanding that can help you succeed at Affiliate Marketing.  Why I want to help People have their own small business is because I really enjoyed it & want people to have the same opportunity . Affiliate Marketing has a much lower financial Business risk than traditional small businesses but has the same rewards and sometimes more!

Presently I am retired and need to be busy to be Happy. Received Education about business through the school of hard knocks & online courses. With Affiliate Marketing you can see by the things that you need, Their is Less to Learn. There is much more knowledge that is necessary for a traditional small business to start and run. The cost of traditional startups are very expensive, but Affiliate Marketing is Greatly Reduced in Cost Because of What You Don’t Need!


Is to show interested persons the way they can have an Affordable Small Business Startup of their own. Get trained and educated with new skills to carry on that business. It is not easy but with dedication, drive, persistence and you as the one person employee with limited funds, the business can be yours!

I am able to help many more people that are willing to learn, utilize & prosper with Affiliate Marketing. The lower cost of Startup, Operation & Growth provides the Unfair Advantage over a traditional Small Business Startup!

If your not afraid of working very hard, it can be you! The opportunity can be as great as you are willing to make it.

All The Best


Founder of Affordable Small Business Startup – Is It For You?


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