Affordable Small Business Startup in 2021!

2020 Has Changed Marketing Forever! 

It has presented us with many surprises for personal and business developments. The trend continues growing by leaps and bounds for online purchasing and deliveries to the door.  

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In years past that would have never been considered.  Small businesses come in all categories and sizes but most cost more than many of us can afford. This is the case whether someone buys a small business or starts one from scratch.  

The amount of money for a conventional small business investment is determined by Stocking, Inventory, Employees, Housing, Utilities, Location, Taxes, Insurance and other considerations. Even businesses in Affiliate Marketing were touched by the Pandemic but most were able to survive and many even prospered by adding an additional Niche (A segment of a market) with another website. 

Many in the entertainment and travel industry were hurt initially but when you can be flexible & address the new challenges by using different Niche’s. Such as Trucking, Books, Puzzles, Power Tools and countless others that were still going strong during the Pandemic. Flexibility can be so important, many other conventional small businesses weren’t able to adjust.

When it returns to normalcy Affiliate Marketers that adjusted may very well have twice the Traffic and twice the revenue. There are many ideas for new or established Small Businesses to start with that carry personal exposure of personal funds. I will be concentrating on businesses that limit that exposure such as Affiliate Marketing

If you have not read About Edward please do at this time.

With Affiliate Marketing you do not have to scale your business until you want to. Most affiliate marketers contract with outside qualified individuals when they do want to start scaling.  Thus, they do not have to have:

  • Employees (use qualified individuals on contract when necessary)
  • Most work from home (no office rental)
  • No extra office expenses (already paying office expenses)
  • No commuting ( more work time available)
  • You are your own boss.  (Accountable to yourself & your audience)
  • No purchases or purchase orders required because you will be selling out of other companies stock
  • No Collections necessary (it is a cash business in accounting standards & is being paid to you by the affiliate company on delivery of Goods).
  • You can work from any location that has internet services

These are a number of the benefits that come with a reputable Affiliate Marketing organization. Some of the organizations pretend that they are reputable but are notI can tell you that Wealthy Affiliates is very reputable in all aspects of business operations. They have been around since 2005 with very large growth over that period of time. If you are sincerely interested in affiliate marketing be careful and Do Your Due Diligence Thoroughly. 

Affordable Small Business Startup.

Yes it can happen for many who may be interested in doing the same. With the online marketing trend gaining more and more market share every day,  it is almost becoming a no-brainer!  Many Small businesses that have relied on walk-in traffic are really hurting with the arrival of the Pandemic.

Blogging is the answer for so many small businesses of the future. You can affiliate market other companies’ inventory which Doesn’t Cost You A Dime!  With many people working from home it is natural for a startup business.

A Home operated business has many advantages such as utilities, building, insurance, taxes etc. already being paid for which reduces startup business expenses. The time and the market could not be better for the investment into your future.

The most sound investment that one can make is by investing in one’s own business at a reasonable price. There are so many successful online companies that are growing during the Pandemic and causing brick and mortar stores with Good Brands closing all the time.

The sphere of shopping is changing right before our own eyes. Will it ever return in the future to what it was before the Pandemic? It is questionable whether it will happen or not. I myself have made the decision to invest for a better retirement. I hope that you will sincerely think about doing the same for possibly that or a different reason.    

How Do You Start A Small Business Online?

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Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is a training platform that serves preparing individuals to make money/help people in many endeavors online. WA have been around since 2005 and the founders are Kyle and Carson who have increased growth to more than 1.4+ million members to date.

The WA training platform is a program of teaching knowledge, providing support by the community and is 2nd to None in the industry. The community is the best you can find as an extended family and is fun to be with!  Whenever you are working on your training, a post, or a website and it confuses you, immediately ask for help in live chat as the first step.

The problem can be elevated in a number of ways if not solved at that level. Just remember We Have All Been There, it is nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help. Making mistakes and asking questions is how many learn.  It is important that you stay on track with the training.

There are so many things available to you that you can get sidetracked and it can cause confusion. Once you have a good foundation of the dictionary of Blogging, Online activities, Websites, finding your audience, keywords etc. & feel completely comfortable where you are at.

Then it is time to spread your wings and engage in additional ongoing training to make you better or you may choose to continue building your website with further techniques. Some Members that have created too many websites & did not want to scale their business sold them with having traffic for 5 figure sums.  It is your Choice, It is Your Business!  Simply said, stay on track until you are completely comfortable with everything that you have learned.  Before starting The Training Platform you might be interested in viewing Wealthy Affiliate Review.

The Training Platform – Getting Started.

Now I want to take you on a tour of the initial training. This is a Summary introduction to Level 1 that consists of 10 Lessons with each lesson containing multiple tasks.

First is to choose a subject that you have a passion for so that you can write a lot about it. Many people say that I don’t know how to write that well.  The person that can connect with their audience is the person that can write like they are talking to them in their living room.

Do that and your audience will find you because you will be talking their language.  You need to be a communicator not a writer. Be Yourself! It can get difficult at times particularly when you are learning something new, but with the help of the community, support, training videos the answers are readily available at your fingertips.

If you have the desire, passion & persistence you can make it happen. The scope of your journey for every Website that you make consists of the 4 following elements: Interest, Website, Attract Traffic & Revenue. The Course Training Material thoroughly moves you step by step at your own pace through all the learning phases that are necessary to get you where you want to go.

There are hundreds of training videos in addition to the course material that can be viewed 24/7. Many of these videos were created by Membership of the community giving their slant of “How to” on all areas of training. Following the instructions at all times you will go from an interest, to building a website that will attract visitors and earn Revenue.

Choose a Niche, What is a Niche?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector

Niche blogging, a blog focused on a niche market

The audience that will follow you are searching out the products/services that you are promoting by using keywordsYou do not need to be an expert within your niche, however with very good research you may make yourself one.

The Genius of Affiliate Marketing!

The Genius of Affiliate Marketing if taught correctly is a By-Product of the process. You are taught:

  • How to find and sign up affiliates & their products/services.
  • Create engaging Content to best show your affiliates goods.
  • Find important Keywords/Phrases that your audience are looking for.
  • Make “Low Hanging Fruit” selections particularly useful for newbies getting started.
  • Search Engine Optimization so that your audience & search engines can find you.
  • How to Build, Maintain & Continue to Enhance your Authoritative Website.
  • And most importantly, How to Help your Audience find what they are looking for.

Blogging is becoming more popular every day.

In fact large companies are doing it to combat the Brick & Mortar losses to internet business. That is why Affiliate Marketing for a small business is so important to the internet, online stores and its customers. Once you find the audience for the  Products/Services that you provide through your Small Business, your marketing has reached a Successful Stage. From there, there are many more avenues that can be taken to build and expand your Brand.

It will be extremely important after the Pandemic fades away because of all the lost small businesses. As the economy expands there will be ongoing needs for Affiliate Marketers.

What’s the Future of Internet Marketing?

Marketing is in fact changing right before our eyes. There will be less travel overall which means fewer billboards. Billboards costs are very high by the month and will not get any better in the future.

Who is going to buy from a billboard when you have the internet with many versions of products and many suppliers (including latest ratings) to choose from.

All purchasing was local in the past, but with more store closings happening, the cost of travel begins to make it very difficult & more time consuming.  No longer will the 3 major Networks hold the keys to advertising because today there are many more networks. 

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Tv, & flyers etc.  ads costs will continue to rise and are very expensive to deliver. Those methods of Advertising are not efficient and each time you experiment with them it costs Money!

With you driving traffic to get your voice heard about products/services to your audience you will be making a lot of people happy.

You will be doing a service for the affiliate company, the customer and yourself. It is a Win for the Company, a Win for The Customer & a Win for the Blogger! It can’t get any better than that! 

And you didn’t have to travel many miles and possibly many stops to get what you wanted. Today Many of the Online stores are offering Free shipping & Free returns with a reasonable amount of time to do the same.

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Your Sphere of influence is no longer your city, state or country, it is virtually the world. You will meet community members from countries everywhere and likewise your audience depending on your products/services. 

Your 30 Second Website!

This is one of the most exciting parts of the training sessions. You start with a Free domain website for your training. You select a Niche during your training, fill in the Title of your Website and press a button and in less than 30 seconds you have an online live website of your own.

At this time it really can’t do much, but going forward you will make it ready to do lots of things, Wow. This is where your creativeness comes forward to make your Website truly yours. You decide where you want everything to be and what it will look like.

Setting Up Your Website.

Your website auto creation setup makes an “About Me” post and you will delete the default information and fill it with your own. You can use your real name/alias whatever you are most comfortable with. You will learn how to get into the “back office” of your site.

The back office is the “Control Center” that makes everything happen on your Website. You will also learn about “Plugins” that were automatically installed and what they do & how you may add more.

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines.

Another exciting area is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will tell Google, Bing & Yahoo where your website is. The higher the ranking on these search engines, the more traffic your website will see, which means more MONEY for you. When you have engaging titles, very good content and the BIG 3 has your address, you’re definitely on your way.

Writing Templates.

On every Website that you create, you have templates that automatically load to help you speed up the process of writing different functions. As you can see examples above About Me & Privacy Policy. The Affiliate Disclosure is used if you are promoting products/services.

Using these loaded Templates gives you a guide so that you can make your own for writing Posts for your Niche. Setting up templates for Content writing for your style can save a lot of time. Every person will have a different style of writing, so it is important to build a template that compliments your style.

Creating Custom Menus on Your Website.

This is another fun part of your website, Navigation. This is the process of determining where on your website your menus will be placed.  Many themes allow you to place them on your website at Top, Left, Right and/or Bottom. In this section you will learn about Widgets and how to set them up and place them and use them.

Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content! 

Keyword Research is Key to Your Success

Keyword research is very important to the success of your website. WA has a proprietary software known as JAAXY.  You are taught how to research Keywords/keyword phases so that persons searching for products/services can find your site without knowing its name address (URL).

When you use Titles, Headlines and Content containing Keywords/Keyword Phases you make it easier for your audience to find you. It also makes it easier for The Big 3 Search Engines to match those inquiries to your website.

This concludes Level 1’s training “Getting Started“.  The following training looks at further in-depth training to enhance your capabilities Listed In Summary Form.

Summary Look at Additional Training.

  • Level 2: Building your own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3: Making Money
  • Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
  • Affiliate Boot Camp – 7 courses with 70 Lessons
  • My Training Activity – Additional Specific Training Videos
  • Training HQ – Where you can search Classroom, Training, Tutorial…
  • Classroom – Search for: #Videos, #Courses, #Tutorials, #Webinars & Top Contributors

As you can see there are Lessons and Courses that you can get trained for as long as you want and as complete as you want.

The Price is the Best Part!

Free Option.

You can get a FREE membership for 7 days, No Credit Card Required, it has limitations but you can learn all of the basics needed to get underway.  During the 7 day option you can verify the quality of the training, the support by membership & the comradery of the community.

We all have heard about the negative chatter about shiny objects & promises more than they can deliver online schemes.  As you approach the end of the 7 day period, decide if this is for you.  If still undecided you can sign up for Premium for $19 for the 1st month and make up your mind before the end of that month.

Premium Option.

First month is $19 and each month after will be $49.00/ month or Premium by the year is $495. The premium option gives more access to advanced training, videos, webinars etc.

Premium Plus + Option.

Additional training, videos, webinars for those individuals that want to go further. Premium Plus is $49 for the initial month, $99 each additional month or $995/year.

By Completing the Training at Your Own Pace, this Business Could Be Yours!

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The future of small business Marketing online is Excellent. When you pay careful attention following the training in choosing your Niche, not too wide and not too narrow you can be successful. You are given the tools for preparing yourself so that you can be successful whether it be to Make Money/Helping People or both.

As I explained earlier affiliate marketing is A Win for the Company, A Win for Customer & A Win for the Blogger. When you make it happen it is just like you made a sale with your own store because that is really what you just did.

There is unbelievable training for making you successful.  I hope you can see by the Fees that WA’s charges are not interested in taking your money and running. It is a testament to being in business for a long time, growing from 2 members to 1.4 + million Members.

I am Not participating in Commisions at this time, so if you would like to Join Wealthy Affiliate just Click

& you will be taken to the WA Website where you can begin your Journey!

 I purchased a small company in bankruptcy and transformed it into a one person business. Had sales of almost $1,000,000 in my best year. Payed off $200,000 SBA loans and sold it in 2005 & worked for a number of small businesses after that. 

If there are items that I did not cover that you are looking for, please advise in Comments below and I will see what I can do. Also, any suggestions on my Website would be helpful because I write for people like yourself to give information that I hope is valuable to you!

All The Best


Founder of: Affordable Small Business Startup – Is It For You?

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